Give the gift of choice!

Sometimes getting a gift can be difficult. I’ve got your back boo, these gift cards are suitable for:

  • the person who has everything,
  • you can’t leave the house,
  • they can’t interact or leave the house,
  • you forgot that special occasion,
  • you’re contagious,
  • they are contagious,
  • you’re on your way out of the door and it slipped your mind,
  • that hand drawn book of “favours” you got for your birthday isn’t appropriate to give to your [insert authority figure here],
  • the dog ate your homework and then your gift,
  • your imagination isn’t playing ball,
  • “I don’t want anything for [insert celebration]” but you know that they don’t really mean it, 
  • you want to let someone you know that you care, but like, from a distance,
  • you want to subvert someone’s twee stitches into something more this side of the millenium,
  • you really need to buy stuff,
  • you really want this months free stitch but you’ve stitched all the current patterns,
  • you want to support an independent artist and keep me in coffee (aww, thank you lovely person!)