It’s time for a new SAL!

So, 2021 was a year. Or maybe a few years. Time was weird, everyone struggled. I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit pants.

So, 2022 is a fresh start and therefore time for something a little different.

Let me introduce you to my new stitch along:

1Asset 11

This stitch along can best be described as Victorian Gothic. Based around a sampler we will be exploring plants that have the ability to heal, or kill if mishandled.

There is a dedicated Facebook page where everyone will be stitching along while enjoying a community atmosphere. Please answer all the questions if you wish to join.

The patterns will be emailed out weekly after purchase. There is also a dedicated Membership Area where the patterns can be downloaded once they are released as a backup (and will contain multi-page options for printing). You must be logged in as a Customer (and have purchased the SAL) to access this area. If you have problems accessing this please contact me at [email protected]

■ Schedule ■

December 31st – Frame – RELEASED
February 4th – Fill 1 – RELEASED
February 11th – Surround 1 – RELEASED
February 18th – Fill 2 – RELEASED
February 25th – Week Off
March 4th – Surround 2 – RELEASED
March 11th – Fill 3 – RELEASED
March 18th – Surround 3 – RELEASED
March 25th – Week Off
April 1st – Fill 4 – RELEASED
April 8th – Surround 4 – RELEASED
April 15th – Fill 5 – RELEASED
April 22nd- Surround 5
April 29th – Week Off
May6th – Fill 6
May 13th – Surround 6
May 20th – Fill 7
May 27th – Week Off
June 3rd – Surround 7
June 10th – Fill 8
June 17th – Surround 8
June 24th – Week Off
July 7th – Addition 1
July 14th – Addition 2
July 21st – Addition 3
July 28th – Week Off
August 5th – Addition 4
August 12th – Addition 5
August 19th – Addition 6
August 26th – Optional Extras – The End!

At the bottom of this page is an instructional video on how to complete some of the basics of blackwork.

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